Rabbi Aryeh and Sharona Kaplan

Kaplans 2Rabbi Aryeh studied at Gush and Yeshiva University before moving to Los Angeles in 2004. There, he began building a vibrant student community, offering an exciting diversity of individual study session, group learning, and formal classes. Besides maintaining an array of chevrutot and chaburot at the Hillel at UCLA, he offers shiurim in the Medical School and the Law School on campus and has been the guest lecturer at other local venues.

Living by the adage, “Im Ein Kemach, Ein Torah” the Kaplans can be counted on for providing food for the body (or at least an ice-blended) alongside their food for thought. Their homemade, signature desserts, fumbling Farsi attempts and unique translating skills make OU-JLIC events at UCLA especially Damet Garm (i.e. Optimal).

Sharona Kaplan earned her BA from Stern College and received a Master’s in Social Work from Yeshiva University’s Wurzweiler School of Social Work.  She is a sought after Kallah teacher as well as a featured speaker at a variety of women’s programs and events on campus.

Since arriving at UCLA, The Kaplans have added five children to their OU-JLIC team. Born right on campus at UCLA’s hospital, the Kaplan kids are important members of the Hillel community, hanging in the Hillel lounge, engaging students and hosting . Shalva, Barak, Rivky, Yakir and Yosef add lots of personality and love (as well as Kaplans with a proper Californian accent!) to any OU-JLIC event

Rabbi Aryeh and Sharona Kaplan are starting their second optimal decade as the OU-JLIC Educators at UCLA.